The Prairie Club Named in GOLF’s Top 100 Resorts

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Once every two years, our friends at GOLF.com release their list of Top 100 Resorts in North America. It’s an anticipated event for us at The Prairie Club.

Well, the 2019-2020 list has arrived, and we’re honoured to say our Club is mentioned.

The Top 100 list is broken down into four categories: Luxury, Buddies, General Excellence, and Families. Not too surprisingly, The Prairie Club is nominated under the “Buddies” category.

While we certainly aim to provide the most comfortable, hospitable accommodations, our top priority remains that those who golf at The Prairie Club experience the purest, most fun golf imaginable. And when you’re nestled in the Sandhills of Nebrasksa, that’s not too difficult to accomplish.

The list is generated through an online poll of a wide selection of devoted golfers across the nation. These results are then weighed against the opinions of a number of GOLF’s Top 100 Courses panelists. Needless to say, they’ve conducted a thorough assessment.

We’re elated to sit atop the Top 100 Resorts in North America, and we look forward to affording more avid golfers the opportunity to experience the purest golf there is.

You can check out GOLF’s entire list, along with each category, here.