Horse Course Named to GOLF’s 25 Best Short Courses in the World

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September 1, 2020 —

GOLF just released their first-ever list of the world’s best par-3 courses, and the Horse Course is among the prominent names on it.

Darn right.

Joking aside, The Prairie Club is truly honored to join a select list including Augusta National, Pine Valley, Pinehurst, Bandon Dunes, and others. 

GOLF’s 88-member Top 100 Courses ranking panel, its editors, architects from around the world, and select other short-course aficionados have compiled GOLF’s first long look at “short courses,” …

Short courses have undoubtedly popularized in recent years, evident in GOLF’s decision to further examine the best of these little tracks. More than one-third of the list only opened within the last five years. 

As the game evolved to include players of all types and levels, it makes sense that groups find par-3’s so enjoyable. 

From families enjoying a relaxing evening to friends challenging pins over a cocktail, short courses are designed for fun. The Horse Course was designed for that specific purpose. 

We’re glad to see it recognized among the greats.