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September 6, 2017

When All Weather Is Good Weather

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September 6, 2017—

For many of us, even the threat of rainfall can be enough to throw a wrench in our outdoor plans.

In the Sandhills, wind, rain, and dipping temperatures are common during our shoulder seasons of spring and fall. You might prefer to schedule your trips around sunny days and warm, gentle breezes, but at The Prairie Club, we embrace all types of weather. After all, we have to. When the weather is as unpredictable as it can sometimes be…

Autumn is here. This fall, take a chance on the wind and the rain. Brave the elements. Coax out the die-hard attitude of a pioneer or early settler. 

“It has always interested me that when folks go to Scotland or such to play, they embrace and even brag about the fact that they played in cold, rain, and wind, but over here, they cancel out if they perceive bad weather,” founder of The Prairie Club, Paul Schock said.

Golf becomes a different game when played in stormy conditions. The grass gets slick. Mud cakes the bottoms of your shoes. Your vision is impaired. Your body is tested. It’s a pure test of will. 

And what’s the game without the challenge?

“I have a dear, long-term friend who I play most of my golf with,” Schock said. “We have a rule: no matter the weather, we dress for it and tee off, and quit if we are miserable. I would say that at least nine times out of ten, we finish the round and have a great time.”  

You may know the exhilarating feeling when playing in the rain; the elation of a perfect strike in inclement weather. The sight of a skipping chip shot that settles near the hole. 

When you’re out on the course and the skies open up, there’s no turning back. You’re committed, and perseverance is the only option. And, when you finally make it back to the Lodge, you’ll have a legendary story to tell. One you can share for many years to come. 

Dry off by the fireplace and swap tales of shots commandeered by the wind. Afterward, enjoy a warm, hearty meal in one of our many comfortable dining rooms. Nothing feels better after a chilly round on the links.

The Prairie Club member, Jeff Courter recalls windy conditions on the Dunes fondly.

“I’ve done it in 30 mph sustained winds and take it as a huge challenge to be required to punch the ball into the wind,” he said. “If you hit one bad and it blows way off line, who cares? It’s all about the experience.”

We couldn’t agree more.

At The Prairie Club, life is meant to be expectation free. When the golf conditions stiffen, it allows you to remove expectations from your round. No longer are we consumed by par. No longer do we compare our golf games. It is simply playing the shot at hand, with no expectations. It’s golfing bliss.

Some of the best memories on our course have been made in the wind or rain. Guests have created life-long experiences on our golf courses with snow flurries in the air, or hail accumulating on the turf.

Reminiscing on his run-ins with the wind, Courter said, “I’ve seen an umbrella sucked out of a golf bag and blown 100 yards away in seconds. That’s when you know it’s a true adventure.”

Life is about the experiences.



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