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March 20, 2017

More Sunlight, Warmer Temperatures…Spring’s Official Arrival

Opening Day is just around the corner at The Prairie Club

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Today, March 20, marks the Northern Hemisphere’s 2017 vernal equinox—a moment in time where the sun crosses the celestial equator. Today, night and day consume equal parts.

Simply put: spring has arrived!

Warmer temperatures, grass regaining its green, and images of golf coming into clearer memory all arrive today with spring. It’s also a time when over a half a million Sandhill cranes fly overhead. The birds are en route to their summer homes throughout the northern regions of North America.

The Sandhill Crane Migration, a Mark of Spring

“More than 80 percent of the world’s population of sandhill cranes — about 500,000 birds — converges in Nebraska in waves during a six-week period each spring,” David Hendee of the Omaha World-Herald wrote this week.

A recent video shared by the Omaha World-Herald below.

The journey of the Grus canadensis, the Sandhill cranes, is an age-old tradition. It’s why we pay homage through our logo.

Like many who visit The Prairie Club each season, the birds only stop their day’s endeavors when the darkness of night makes it difficult to push on.

“The crane flight usually persists until it is too dark to distinguish colors, and only shadowy figures continue to pour into the midst of the Platters many channels. Often landing on sand bars, the cranes soon wade out into shallow water, where they eventually go to sleep for the night,” Dr. Paul A. Johnsgard, professor of zoology at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, wrote in 1973.

Sandhill cranes, like the avid lovers of golf, do not rest long. They are up and running once morning returns.

“By dawn the first birds will have already begun to leave their roosts, and by sunrise the majority will again be foraging in nearby fields,” Johnsgard said.

The migration is not only beautiful in its own right, it is also an indication that golf season is just around the corner.

Watch the colors take over the sky, all before the sun disappeared over the canyon of the Snake River to the west:

We’re growing more excited by the day. Days are filling quickly, so please make your 2017 plans soon, before the days, like the Sandhills cranes, are gone for another season.

Make your 2017 plans today or give us a call at (888) 402-1101.

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