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March 27, 2018

We Believe in Quality

Quality Steaks, Quality Sleep, & Quality Golf

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March 27, 2018—

At The Prairie Club, quality is not a goal we strive for.

It’s simply who we are.

We pride ourselves on being a sanctuary for a quality dining experience, a quality night’s sleep, and of course, a quality round of golf (or two, or three) on world-renowned golf courses.

Quality Steaks

From the finest cuts of Nebraska-sourced beef, unique and experimental recipes, and locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible, our 5-star dining is an experience unique to the Nebraska Sandhills.

After building up a hearty appetite, enjoy an exquisitely-prepared Filet Mignon, or a Husker-style blackened Ribeye, the king of steak cuts.   

Unwind in one of three elegant dining rooms, and relax with one of our chef’s mouthwatering creations.

And the quality doesn’t end with the steak. The potato-crusted Scottish salmon, the bone-in glazed pork chop, and the creamy carbonara pasta are all favorites. The menus at The Prairie Club are designed to feature both the distinct elements of our region, while also providing enough variety for any palate.

Quality Sleep

When you lay your head on the pillow after a long day on the prairie’s rolling dunes, rest assured that no matter where you’ve chosen to spend the night—be it the Canyon Rim Cabins, the Bunkhouse, or the Lodge—you’ll be experiencing your best night of sleep.

Here, sleeping in is encouraged–as long as it doesn’t get in the way of your tee time. Our ultra-fine linens, thick down comforters, and plush pillows allow you to sink in and drift away.

In fact, our linens are so outstanding, we even offer them for sale. Simply ask our Front Desk.

Quality Golf

But what about the golf?

High-quality lodging and dining would be worthless to us if our golf experience was anything but exceptional.

Lucky for you, it is.

We know rankings aren’t everything, but here are a few we’re particularly proud of:

In 2017, the Dunes and the Pines made GolfWeek’s Top-100 Resort Courses in America list (Dunes #26; Pines #80).

Both of our championship courses are Top-100 public golf courses in America (Golf Digest, 2012).

And all three of our courses were ranked among the Top 50 Most Fun Courses in America by Golf Digest in 2013 (Horse #10; Dunes #19; Pines #32).

Yet to truly understand the quality of our courses, you need to set foot on sand-based soil and experience them.

Feel the prairie breezes rustling through the tall grasses, as you walk from hole to hole.

See the sand dunes, sculpted by time and nature, forming bunkers you won’t even be upset to end up in.

Watch your ball roll down the fairway. And on a calm day, hear a tee shot land hundreds of yards away, as the noise pollution is practically zero.

To understand quality, you need to experience it.

That’s what we’re here for.

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