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December 20, 2016

Amazing Grace, How Sweet the Sound

New video showcases Scottish bagpiper Tom Denham at The Prairie Club

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“You can close your eyes and swear you’re in Scotland.”

Golfweek Magazine

Every summer, Scottish bagpiper Tom Denham sports his authentic kilt and transports golfers with his hymns from the 18th green on The Prairie Club’s Pines Course. To honor Tom and share part of our experience in the Nebraskan Sandhills, we recently shared a video featuring Tom’s music and story.

Ready to see the video? Watch now: The Prairie Club: The Story of Tom Denham and His Bagpipes

“I had recently retired from work, and I got a phone call from a golf professional, I knew very well, a friend of mine,” Denham says as the video pans over the vastness of the Dunes Course. “He asked me if I knew a golfer, or remembered a golfer, called Graham Marsh. I said, ‘Oh yea, of course I do.’”

“He said, ‘Well, he’s busy building a golf course in Nebraska in the Sandhills. His requirements are that he wants a Scotsman, but he must play golf and he must be able to play the bagpipes. Do you know anyone?’ And I said, ‘John, I think you know that I would be keen.’”

Keen is just the beginning of the attempt to describe what Tom and his wife Linda have meant to the Club over the years. They have become part of the Club’s family, and a staple of what golfers enjoy so much about golf in its purest form.

Read more: “Returning in 2016: Tom Denham and His Bagpipes

Please be sure to check out this video, because it is a good start in our efforts to show appreciation for Tom and Linda Denham, this beautiful area of Nebraska we call home, and Amazing Grace, How Sweet the Sound.

Enjoy the holiday season.

–  Your friends at The Prairie Club

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