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May 26, 2016

Returning in 2016: Tom Denham and His Bagpipes

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Golf as we love it began hundreds of years ago on the rolling hills of Scotland.

From its inception, The Prairie Club set out to deliver a pure golf experience. Forgoing tennis courts for pristine nature, replacing swimming pools and spas with the finest cuisine and incredible pillows, the Club epitomizes golf in its finest form. The passion for the heritage of the game will be brought to life this summer at the Club to the tune of more bagpipes.

Scottish bagpiper Tom Denham will revive the game’s anthems in a memorable experience that is sure to transport members and guests back to a time of simplicity. His fluted melodies backdropped by the expansive Sandhills of Nebraska send chills down the spines of those who love the greatest game ever played. Listening ears will feel for a moment as if they are on the cusp of something brilliant, like the game’s founders must have felt however many years ago.

More than a song, sound, or anthem, Tom creates a lifelong memory.

Perhaps art is a better word to describe how Tom resurrects the spirit of the game with his music. Members count down his return, while those experiencing him for the first time will yearn for it again.

Tom plans to play on the weekends, alternating Sundays, beginning on June 17. He will stay at the Club through August 10.

Tom’s music will fade into the prairie, the memories will remain. No sheep counting needed, as the bagpipe harmonies and gorgeous views will make for a peaceful night’s rest.

Please join us in welcoming Tom and Linda for another unforgettable experience in 2016.

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