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August 11, 2016

The Prairie Club’s Newest Course: “Old Wagon”

Meet: The “Old Wagon” Putting Course

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The latest addition to our collection of golf facilities is a brand-new putting course. Not a putting green–a putting course.

From our inception, the designers’ primary goal was to mold golf courses that are fun for players of all skill levels. We strive to offer players a chance to take an endless variety of shots while inspiring them to create new ones. The new putting course is designed to draw out the childlike imagination within ever golfer.


Since opening in 2010, we have been fortunate to receive many wonderful accolades. Grateful for all, we most treasure Golf Digest rating all three of our courses in their top 50 “Most Fun Courses You Can Play.” To us, that’s the highest compliment and was our goal from the outset.

The newest course is a chip off the same block. Our foundational commitment to fun golf is as strong as ever, and thus the new putting course is designed entirely for that type of experience.

Meet: The “Old Wagon” Putting Course.

Crafted from the eye of Dunes Course co-designer Chris Brands, Old Wagon is situated just a stone’s throw from The Lodge and stretches over 150-yards along the canyon rim. The course is a short walk down the hill from The Lodge and visible from the 18th green of The Pines Course.

While the putting green is new, the land is as old as the Sandhills of Nebraska itself. People have been spending time on the edge of this canyon for hundreds of years, long before a golf course was ever imagined. To honor the  history of the land, the course integrates both the physical attributes of the land with its design as well as the memories of the land from many years ago.

In the mid-1800s, an old wagon trail went through the canyon area. In fact, before the construction of the course, historic tire ruts were found in that little sliver of the canyon rim. The ruts were from wagons carrying Homesteaders through the land– land, that we are now able to call “Old Wagon.” When players step onto this course, the history of the space comes alive.


The course’s harmony with nature fits the Club’s motto of pure golf laid on the land as it was found. In sync with the natural beauty surrounding the massive green, the course is designed with rigid slopes, challenging elevation drops, and endless imagination.

After years of envisioning a place for fun shot-making, the course is ready to play. Whether you push bet all of your bragging rights on one 60-yard putt that breaks in eight directions or spending all night on “Old Wagon,” we hope this is a place that fits the mold of our other fun courses while providing an unforgettable experience.

We have found “Old Wagon” is especially fun at night when groups big and small come together to take their chance on the putting course. We hope you join in the camaraderie and laughs.

Our best advice: read plenty of break and bring more than one golf ball, because the Snake River canyon sometimes has a bite.

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