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September 13, 2018

Fall on the Nebraska Prairie

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13 September 2017—


No matter the season, it seems to be an appropriate description of the prairie.

But as the temperatures ebb, the word ‘golden’ holds different meaning.

Sunlight flickers and plays between the tall, ever-swaying stalks of prairie grass. It provides a warmth to the landscape we call home.

There’s just something special about fall.

Nothing rings sweeter to a golfer’s ear than springtime, but if we’re being honest… fall has a very unique place in our hearts here at The Prairie Club.

Fall is a time where we welcome a warm beverage after a round of golf. You can play all day in your favorite pullover. The scenery provides its best.  

And you have the golf course all to yourself.

Closing Day at the Club is October 7, which means our autumn golf moments are fleeting.

But oh, how they’re treasured.

The rush of crisp air as you step out for your early tee time.

The crunch of your step as you walk from hole to hole (After all, we always recommend walking our golf courses).

And that incomparable, yet undefinable smell. It’s fresh, but with a hint of finality. The leaves are dying, but laced with sweetness. This season comes and goes in a blink.

We cherish every moment. And that feeling heightens in the fall.

Here at The Prairie Club, we think fall is, perhaps, the best time of the year to golf.

It’s absolutely exceptional.

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