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August 16, 2019

8 Weeks Until Closing Day [+ Video]

With 8 weeks left in the 2019 season, we teamed up with Dunes Course co-designer Chris Brands to tour Dunes No. 8

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August 16, 2019 —

The heat of the summer is retreating, and the fall months are soon upon us. This week marks 8 weeks left in the 2019 season (closing day is October 6). 

As much as we at the Club love the long (and busy) days, dry heat, and silent lightning storms that come with summertime, there is something comforting about this change of season. 

The weather is typically less severe, the schedules less busy, and, somehow, the golf even more enjoyable. 

There is much beauty to discover in fall golf at The Prairie Club, and the good news is that availability often opens up this time of year. If you’ve been meaning to make your journey for 2019 and have not yet, this may well be your perfect opportunity. 

Contact our team about reserving your dates for the fall.


With 8 weeks remaining in the season, we thought it only fitting to take you on a tour of the most challenging hole on the Dunes Course — Number 8. 

We spoke with Chris Brands, co-designer of the Dunes Course, to jog his memory on the very beginnings of Hole 8’s discovery. 

What followed was a conversation on the challenges of locating Number 8’s green, what to do with a large ridge to the north of the landing area, and the funny stories from solving these questions. 

The architects’ philosophies on golf course design (congruent with the Club’s) fundamentally values leaving the landscape untouched. However, Dunes 8 is one of the few holes on property that required a small bit of reshaping. 

Watch this short video tour we created based on our conversation with Chris to get the full story behind its architecture. 

And, perhaps more importantly, how to play for a good score your next time around.

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