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May 28, 2017

50-State Golf Adventure in 50 Days

Soren Jacobsen, 50, is playing 50 golf courses in 50 days, including a visit to The Prairie Club

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50 rounds of golf, in 50 states, in 50 days, at…you guessed it… 50 years young.

Soren Jacobsen, with his wife and travel companion Melanie at his side, is currently on a nationwide journey to accomplish this seemingly daunting and exhilarating task. He will pay a visit to the Dunes Course as his official stop in the Cornhusker state on Friday, June 2.

Jacobsen’s 50-day crusade began on April 21 and is set to conclude on June 10. He is not just gallivanting around the states, though, he is actually working. He’s authoring a pending book, Fairways & Freeways, which will tell the story of his adventures. His wife will skip the golf and take pictures, notes, and manage the travel from state to state.

Read his course introduction on The Prairie Club.

How could one guy afford an almost two-month hiatus of golf pandemonium? He’s finding clubs willing to host him, pieced-together lodging, and crowdsourced funding through Kickstarter.

The golf tour will include both private and public courses, including some of greater notoriety than others. Some other courses include The Ocean Winds Course at Seabrook Island Club in South Carolina, Triggs Memorial in Rhode Island, and GreatHorse in Massachusetts.

View Soren’s full list of 50 golf courses in 50 states

It’s no guarantee Jacobsen, a Menlo Park, CA native now living in Boise, ID will accomplish his goal.

“The biggest challenge to the trip (as we discovered in Tulsa) is weather,” Jacobsen said about the potential hurdles posed by the challenge. “Getting rained out in Tulsa (and Missouri the following day), we had to reschedule rounds and now have a ‘two-a-day’ on the 27th of May. We do have some potential room for making up days in the Northeast, however, so we feel like we still have the flexibility in our schedule to get this done on time.”

After his traveling and golfing are complete, he will return to his full-time work as a senior IT specialist for the Idaho state legislative services office…and, in addition, become a part-time author of the self-published book. He plans to write in the car while his wife cruises the countryside.

Even though golf will technically be his day job for a couple months, Jacobsen knows he won’t make it in the golf industry because of his skill at the game.

“I am not an expert golf,” he admitted at the outset of his journey. “In fact, I’m not even a particularly good golfer. My scores are as often in the 90s as they are in the high 80s. I’m kind of your average bogey golfer. But I do love the game, and I love to travel, and I’ve got a dream.”

At The Prairie Club, we hope we are able to fulfill our mission for Soren and Melanie—to create an unforgettable experience that touches the soul of all who journey here.

The Jacobsen’s will play Prairie Green in Sioux Falls, S.D. before heading south to Nebraska. After his round at The Prairie Club, the duo is due west to Fossil Trace in Denver, Colorado.

If you happen to be joining us on site on Friday, please help us give a friendly welcome to our honorary guests, Soren and Melanie Jacobsen. They won’t be here long before they’re back on the road!

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