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August 26, 2016

Inaugural “Home on the Range” Tells The Prairie Club Story

Stories from the Nebraska prairie come alive in first "Home on the Range"

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August 26, 2016

We recently distributed our inaugural edition of “Home on the Range,” a 71-page publication from our Club featuring stories and pictures from our home in the Sandhills of Nebraska. The book was designed to tell stories of the Club’s inception, our home nestled in the Nebraska wilderness, and our amazing landscapes.


A limited number of the inaugural edition of “Home on the Range” were recently distributed.

Gorgeous images of our courses are spread through the book, lacing together the meaningful and descriptive stories. The literature begins with news from the 2016 season, including updates to the Pines Course, the addition of The Old Wagon Putting Course, and brand-new hunting packages.

Beyond news elements, Home on the Range shares creative pieces, including “God’s Own Cow Country,” “The Prairie Club Story,” and “The Other Snake River.”

“God’s Own Cow Country,” tells the history of the land in the Great Plains, highlighting the geography, ecology, history from the land’s past.

“Because most of the area has never been plowed, the Sandhills have been designated as an ecoregion by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF),” the story goes. “According to the WWF, as much as 85% of the Sandhills ecoregion is intact natural habitat–the highest level in the Great Plains.” It’s why the region has become home to one of the widest plots of cattle territory in the nation. 

An in-depth narration of our raw beginnings is told in “The Prairie Club story,” walking readers through the initial visions of golf, the financial and construction hardships, and eventual opening of the Club. Today, members and guest experience a finished product, but “The Prairie Club story” gives readers a taste of the development process. It isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it. 


A view of the third hole on the Dunes Course during construction.

“The Other Snake River” brings to life the Snake River, located entirely within Nebraska’s beautiful Sandhills region. Most have heard of the more-famous Snake River in the west, but many don’t know we sit on the rim of a different Snake River. This source of life harbors an incredible ecosystem which is depicted in this story.

“Home on the Range” also features details on a new development south of The Prairie Club, a Division I college golf tournament, “The Jackrabbit,” and fun facts about the Club. The book also features the photo of the year: an astonishing lightning bolt on the Dunes Course captured by Brian Oar.

“Home on the Range” is a way for us to share the ups with the downs and highs to the lows of life on the prairie. There is so much left to discover, we hope you have the opportunity to enjoy. 

Now we’ll get back to our life on the prairie–our home on the range.

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