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June 18, 2019

5 Keys for Planning the Perfect Buddies Golf Trip

The buddies golf trip is a pinnacle for many in the game. But be sure to come prepared...

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June 18, 2019—

In the game of golf, few events peak that of assembling your best pals together on a “golf-til-your-hands-blister” golf excursion.

The buddies golf trip promises much-needed qualities of life: escapism, fellowship, recreation, and, most certainly, some adventure. Its importance is obvious, yet without some thoughtful preparation, things are destined for trouble.

That’s why here at The Prairie Club, we created these helpful tips to ensure a good time is had by all.

After all, we’ll want to go again next year — right?


Here are the five keys to guaranteeing a buddies golf trip of a lifetime.


1.Pick an epic destination.

Modern golf is blessed. Both domestically and internationally, we’re given a vast amount of options for world-class golf. And with our ever-globalizing society, getting to remote places is easier than ever.

You may already have a list of your dream destinations. If you don’t, Golf Digest’s “Best Golf Resorts in the Americas” is a great place to start your search (hint: we’re under the “Rockies/Great Plains” region).

Once you’ve determined that your dream destination fits your group’s timeline and budget, move on to key #2.


2. Get the dates on the calendar… early.

Schedules fill up far in advance, especially when spread across a group of people. If you’re looking to head to a seasonal resort, the season may only last 5-7 months.

In order to ensure availability from all parties — as well as the destination — we recommend booking at least four months in advance.

Plus, the earlier you book, the less objection you’ll face from others beforehand.

Get it on the calendar and start anticipating.


3. Plan the route.

The journey is half the experience.

If you’re road-tripping, make sure to take advantage of any unique spots along the route: small-town bars, hole-in-the-wall burger joints, scenic viewpoints.

Whether you research in advance or plan on wingin’ it, you might just be grateful for those experiences down the road (excuse the bad pun). 


4. Discuss your games and formats.

No one wants to waste time on the first tee arguing about the format of the game to be played. The best way to avoid this is to discuss with your group beforehand (i.e., on your way up/down/over).

While you’re planning, look up handicaps and make sure you have fair indexes for all (no sandbagging).

The next item to nail down is the game itself: Nassau, skins, nines, wolf… If you’re open to having things get a little out of hand, check out No Laying Up’s piece on the “most dangerous” version of wolf: Wolf Hammer


5. Document, document, document.

The thing that may seem inconvenient in the moment is often the thing you are most grateful for when the trip is over. This is a trip you will likely be talking about for the rest of your life, and it’d be foolish not to document it for both yourself and others.

Perhaps it’s writing; journal entries at the end of each day help recall moments you may not otherwise remember.

For others, visuals help ignite the emotions of the trip’s best moments. Maybe you’re a photographer and you snag a few proud stills. Or maybe it’s some iPhone footage of Joe topping his drive in the canyon (to be shared once cell coverage returns, of course).

Whatever your medium, be sure to document those moments. You won’t want to forget them.



And there you have it! The five keys to planning the perfect buddies golf trip.

Follow these tips and we’re sure your trip will be off to a great start. But as with anything in life, the first key is to take action. There will always be excuses to push the planning off, and it may be your job as the group’s ringleader to encourage everyone’s commitment.

Now, pack your bags. Pure golf is on the horizon.

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