Three Unique Golf Courses

One unforgettable experience

Long before the bulldozer, there was golf. It was played over the most interesting parts of the terrain, the land creating the golf and not the other way around. Here in the Sandhills, eons have passed since the formation of this place.

The Golden Age of Golf Architecture has come and gone.

But through it all, pure golf has survived, waiting to be discovered once again.

Pines Course Horse Course Dunes Course dunes horse pines

“For pure golfing variety, The Prairie Club rivals even Bandon Dunes”

Golf Digest, 2015

The complete golf experience

The best way to play is to stay

The Prairie Club is much more than world-class golf. It’s an experience that we hope touches the soul of all who make the journey here. After you’ve hit the day’s final shot, we invite you to unwind in our lodge, eat your heart out, drift off into a deep sleep, and — we hope — leave a little better than you came.