no tennis courts, fancy day spas
or swimming pools

This is as Pure as Golf Gets

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Our Philosophy

Affordable Access To A World - Class Golf

Providing the avid golfer the opportunity to experience world class golf has been the driving philosophy of The Prairie Club since inception. We believe the world has had its share of exclusively private clubs, five-figure dues and mediocre golf courses. As a semi-private destination, we strive to provide the greatest value to our members and their families, while offering access to our public guests who want to come and experience world class golf on the Sandhills of Nebraska.

Our Mission

To create an unforgettable experience that touches the soul of all who journey here

True to our Midwestern roots, every one of us at The Prairie Club seeks to make your trip here one you will never forget. We do our best to carry this out by offering uncompromising service, the finest cuisine, the most comfortable pillow, and in the end, get out of the way and let you experience the sublimity and serenity of the land for yourself.

Our Design

A true labor of love

Paul Schock - Founder

As founder and president of Destination Golf Ventures, LLC, Paul leads the development of remote golf ventures whose designs and settings promote appreciation of the natural world. Paul lives in Sioux Falls with his wife and five children, but is just as likely to be found with them on his Cherry County, Nebraska ranch, or his Brookings County, South Dakota farmland or his longstanding family property in the Black Hills. During his varied 25-year business career as a commercial banker, CFO, president of his own advisor firm, venture capitalist, and director of corporate development, Paul has maintained a keen interest in conservation, borne of his love for the outdoors. He is a former member of The South Dakota Nature Conservancy and became one of region’s best-known amateur golf champions, and you know why The Prairie Club is all about the land, and all about the golf.

the doctrine of pure golf

In its purest form, the flight of a golf ball carries the human spirit with it.
Soaring hopes.
Rising aspirations.
Lofty goals.
Against the wind of adversity, over the nagging doubts of the mind, above the gravitational pull of earthbound struggles, the flight of the golf ball symbolizes man’s greatest achievements or his greatest disappointments. This romantic tragedy, this love/hate story of human endeavor, must play out in every round, every shot. It is the reason we face into the sun and tee up the ball.
The Prairie Club was conceived to be a place as pure as the game itself. On the prairie there are no distractions. On the prairie, the quiet envelops you. It is just you and a little white ball with the vast prairie links in front of you. The sky and the grass and the wind move in concert, and you are left to find your small place in the grand scheme of things.
Like the great links courses of the world, the courses are designed into the land and not the other way around. When you play the Prairie Club, you will play golf as pure as golf gets - then drift off to a sleep as deep as the prairie night.

But talk is Cheap

Experience Pure Golf first-hand and see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

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